Installing registered non Demo version of the Stimulsoft Reports

Here is the tips how to install registered non Demo version (the same steps are required for update to the new version for each our product) of Stimulsoft Reports. Please do the following steps:
  1. Remove from GAC installed dlls of the Stimulsoft Reports. You can find them in the following folder:
  2. Replace all 'dll' files in the following folder C:\Program Files\Stimulsoft Reports.Net 200x.x Trial\Bin\ with their new versions.
  3. If you want to install updated dlls into the GAC then you shold use our Installer.exe utility.
  4. Delete 'Stimulsoft' Tab from ToolBox in Visual Studio. And add it again. Add components from the dlls, if you need them in ToolBox.
  5. Delete Stimulsoft Reports dlls from the Reference part of your Application and then add those references again to the new Stimulsoft Reports dlls.

If these steps do not bring the required result and version of dlls will be still the same, then just scan your computer for Stimulsoft*.dll files and delete all of them manually.

Stimulsoft Reports does not have any additional key files, registry entries for protection from steal or illegal using. Registered and Demo versions differ only with the 'dll' libraries. So if you see the Demo watermark on the report's page this means that you are using trial dlls in your project.


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